Sean cupping the side of Alex’s face & neck (requested by anonymous)

She said she was gonna stay. She was waiting for you. When we found Sean here, she was gone. Kept saying she was trying to save everyone. I guess, in the end, she couldn’t save him.

It was true.

His eyes hadn’t always been warm and kind towards her. But back then, hers hadn’t been either.

When they first met, both their gazes were suspicious and slightly annoyed at each other. His deep brown eyes used to burn with irritation whenever they met her sparkling blue ones, both clouded with distrust and, to their astonishment, attraction – as they would eventually find out a little ways down the road.

'The best ones always start this way' Nikita had mocked her once, as soon as they started dating.

So…yes I wrote that.

Here, have some feels.


Alex & Sean - 4x18 Broken Home


Alex & Sean - 4x18 Broken Home

  • sean: *bleeds internally* oh don't mind me I'm just dying such is life
  • alex: well, I'd rather not but oh ok
  • nikita: oh ok
  • michael: oh ok
  • birkhoff: oh ok
  • sonya: oh ok
  • the entire division world: oh ok


Ever since Sean died I haven’t been excited for Nikita.

let the bed sheet soak up my tears
and watch the only way out disappear
don’t tell me why
kiss me goodbye